Chloe boots on sale - good price?

  1. The main Deals & Steals forum had a link to Grossman Shoes, where I found these: Grossman Shoes
    I think they're the Prince style, but haven't really been able to find them anywhere else for comparison. They're marked from $950 to $475, but I seem to remember another PFer got them under $300 awhile ago? Also, I'm much keener on the silver hardware than the brass and I noticed some of the boots/shoes are coming out with silver hardware lately. Do you all think that if I wait, they'll come out with silver, or will I just lose my chance on the boots?:shrugs:
  2. They're cute but if you don't totally love them, leave em alone
  3. The only silver buckle ones I can remember are with the grey leather.

    That is a good price but if you don't love them, don't get them. Intermix online has them too on sale but they are 699.
  4. Oh, I love those boots! Do we know for certain they sell authentic? I've seen a few questionable pairs on eBay. AlohaRag had them on sale at the $300 mark. I missed out! :crybaby:It hurt more than missing out on an edith.
  5. I have those same boots and LOVE them! They are totally worth the money since they're not overly trendy and you'll be able to wear them into next year and beyond. You can't go wrong with a good pair of boots!
    BTW Aloha Rag had very limited sizing, and those sizes were the more rare ones (tiny and huge but nothing in between) so not to worry!
  6. Did AlohaRag have size 6? :crybaby: