Chloe boots have gotten under my skin.

  1. It started with the Mastic Edith, then the Prince Paddington in Africa, then the black Summer Edith. Now I've moved on to booties.......look below.

    I have to stop!!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    I love them, especiallythe Edith, because of the comfort and 'workable' high heel that the boot instills. Sadly the Edith boot is no more. I was stunned to see these on LVR?
  2. I am not crazy about the booties. I like boots more!

    There is one white edith boot on on sale!
  3. I love Chloe boots. They are so comfortable. I'm glad to see they keep doing the paddington style.
  4. Those are cute, they match my bag!!!!
  5. I love the boots too - haven't tried any on yet too scared I'd buy them then realise I can't walk in a stacked boot.
  6. I think these booties are very, very cute!
  7. Very cute!!!!!!
  8. Mon,
    That's the boot I got in black, fabulous price on Intermix. I think I'll like the booties with skinny jeans especially when I don't want allot boot to show.:idea:
  9. Well then let's pony up and order some shall we, LOL;)

    The Costa Mesa store may get this boot, apparently it's from the Winter line up, off the run way??? Can that be so??

    LVR is that far ahead??
  10. Chloe has made some knee-high boots in an Edith type style... you know... big stitching, then the big tab at the back of the boot to pull the zipper up. I've only seen them in a very nice black leather, but I CAN'T GET THEM TO ZIP OVER MY CALVES!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
  11. Then those stinkin booties have your name written all over them. Chloe is coming out with a whole bunch this Fall/Winter, many different style too.:tup:

  12. BTW, these boots go for $1295.00 at Holt Renfrew in Canada... yikes. I mentioned this to my DH and he thought that I should keep them in mind... except that I can't get them to zip up all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I don't think dieting will help either, since I have big calves from all the walking I do...

    These boots will look great on somebody... just not me.

  13. I have these exact boots in the Muscade color! They are so beautiful and I love them!! I got them from the sale a couple of months ago. :smile:
  14. I'm waiting for those booties from LVR. In the mean time BG sends me an email to look at the Fall's new 'hottest' shoe. Okay I thought, so I open up the link and it's two pages of BOOTIES. Wow I thought LOL, I'm hip and don't even know it? Anyway Miu-Miu has some adorable booties and the cost is comparable (if not more) than LVR's 600 on the Chloe's. I'm waiting to see what my custom's (if any) charges are going to be, gulp.
  15. What's

    I should have mentioned that the ones I loved were flats, not high heels.... have you seen that style yet?