Chloe Boots from YOOX - Has anyone seen this style?

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  1. I think I may have seen these in a shorter version on NAP last year, but not sure. However the soles and heels are exactly right for Chloe boots from last A/W. I got a pair of short grey boots like this from NAP last year, without the stitching, but with the exact same heels/soles. I have also bought from YOOX several times and everything has always been authentic and perfect.
  2. ^^ I'd advise that when you receive them - you take photos of them, the sole in particular would be good and any hardware which may carry the 'Chloe' stamp. The box, any cards or tags which may come with these - would all be useful. Just so we can actually see that these are ok for you.

    As to the style - perhaps someone else may have them - I'm going to change the title of your Thread actually - that way more people may view it.:yes:
  3. Thank you so very much, and thanks for changing the title.:ty: