Chloe Boots are here!

  1. I thought it would never get here!!!

    First, I love my Chloe boots!!! The are the perfect color. NM described them as cream yet, they don't look like a cream to me. I would describe them as a very light tan. The are so soft yet durable! I want to pinch them!! I was very unsure about wearing "white" boots. They aren't overpowering in the least! In the picture the seem stiff. While they hold their shape when worn, they slouch a lil in the front lower shin area. (make sense?). Just lovable!

    They are at NM online sale. They call them the "buckled riding boot" and they run true to size. They look pinkish online (well atleast from my computer) but, the are not at all. They have a yellow undertone, some might describe even a very light gold.

    Gotta run and inspect my other goodies, will post about them also!!!
  2. Congratulations! Cannot wait to see pics! They sound fabulous!
  3. Congrats! Let us know how comfortable they feel. I really want a pair, but haven't heard from anyone if they are foot worthy or not!
  4. Pics please:drool:
  5. Congrats!
  6. Pics!!! :yes: Oh pics. ;)

    Man I want to get to NM.. can't quite get those boots, but still. Fun fun!
  7. Hi! Thanks for all of the congrats! I am desperate to take a pic but, the battery in my camera is dead. Perhaps I can get my daughter to take a pic with her phone. It may end up looking like a distorted myspace photo!
    I wore them today! They are so cute, I love them even more than yesterday. lalalalaaa.
    I had also ordered an Edith bag in Whiskey. It isn't going to work as well. It has the flap and will be just too hard for me to get in and out of. Too bad, it looks so nice.
    Since, the paticular Edith wasn't working, I decided to take my new boots for a stroll through NM and eyeball the new bags.
    Three SA/s stopped me and asked me about the boots!!!! It seems most of the Dallas stores didn't get boots. Can you imagine? Texas? No Boots?
    If you like boots and want a small heel, yall should look them up.
    Will post pics soon!
  8. Oh, I can imagine those boots are stunning, I'm dying to see a picture! :drool:
  9. Need to see pics of these boots!

    I am searching for the 'Holy Grail' of Chloe boots that are low enough to walk in comfortably and yet not too 'welly-like'. I thought I had found the perfect boots in the new season ones on NAP but had to return them after trying them on as they were too much like wellies with the wide flat heel. I was so disappointed.

    Any guidence much appreciated Chloe experts!
  10. These are mine. I love them! They may be too wellie-like for you!!! In fact, I would venture to say these may be the boots you returned but, in a diff. color. Perhaps these with the natural heel and lighter leather would be better for you and less dowdy.

    Chloe -  Buckled Riding Boot -  Neiman Marcus
    I needed some boots for everyday. They are so comfy and look so cute with a pair of skinny jeans tucked in. Not too trendy a boot. Just right for me.
    I am a high heel person and so finding a lower casual heel that I was comfortable in was tiring.
  11. Congratulations.
  12. They are cute. Congratulations.
  13. They are the same boots I returned except mine were in black - I must say they are waaay prettier in your colour! Really beautiful. Congratulations!

    I need to track me down a pair!
  14. thats one gorgeous pair of boots - lovely
  15. I'm glad to hear they fit true to size. I amy order a pair while they're on sale!