Chloe boots...any suggestions?

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing my first chloe item and have my eye on the knee high buckle boot. For all you chloe lovers out there, do you know if:

    1) They run true to size (I can't say I'm a true 5 1/2 as sometimes I can fit a 5 in boots)?
    2) If their boots are comfortable, say for all day wear being on my feet majority of the day?
    3) Is it worth the price or should I be considering a different brand for my first designer boot purchase?
  2. Hi honey,
    You need to go atleast 1/2 a size larger, but they are the most gorgeous boots :yes: I got mine last year, and wore them EVERY single day, they are still in perfect condition and I will wear them every day this winter too :yes: . Yes, its alot of money, but they will honestly last ages and are so worth it.
    I have attached a piccie of mine and also a piccie of the one for this season which is exactly the same, just in grey :heart:

  3. oh la la! chloe-babe those are just TDF...are they comfortable?'t stop looking :nuts:
  4. gosh yep, they are sooo comfortable. I honestly wore them every day last winter, and they are wide enough in the leg to fit a skinny jean in, the zips are lovely and chunky and easy to zip up.
    I completely recommend them, they are lovely.
  5. Chloe-babe, your boots are gorgeous. I love them =)
  6. chloe babe, those are the most gorgeous boots ive ever seen....:love::heart::love::heart:
    i wish they did the same style with a flat sole....:crybaby:
  7. yeah!boot-guru,thanks a lot for the pics, but i want them with no sole at all, completely flat!!!please, talk with Mr.Chloè about it!!!:biggrin::lol::nuts:
  8. consider it done ;)
    will speak to them immediately about new designs for boots :biggrin:
  9. I love chloe boots....I also bought half a size up...they are very comfortable...
  10. hippiechic, I agree these boots rock big time :biggrin:

    As a rule though, you have got to be abit careful with calf-length, as they are not the most flattering length of boot.
  11. Chloe Orange Pump.jpg

    Camel Chloe boots.jpg

    Chloe-Babe here's a piccie of the camel/beige chloe boots and the orange pumps. I so want those boots! But NAP has sold out in my size. So with the pumps do you recommend ordering a size up also like you suggested with the boots?
  12. with those shoes I would definitely stay true to size :yes:

    I wish I had of done! I went a size up in the summer version thinking they would be like the boots, and have had to sell them on as they are too big :crybaby:
    here is the piccies of my babes I just sold :sad:

    I would definitely recommend staying true to size on the shoes, or at the very most, half a size up.
    Hope that helps :flowers: