Chloe boots and shoes - lets see them - feet in or out!

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  1. Thank you so much PurseLoveSF! you gave me a hope:smile: Something in 14-15" should be good for me. I'm definite to get the boots, just waiting for another Yoox promo.
    I used to do rhythmic gymnastics and ballet for years and still do exercise (the best workout ever). I could tell you belong to dance world by your arch that looked great in those blue killer shoes;) Our kind of calves and arches are always problemstic for boots and skinny jeans. I'm happy Chloe makes boots with reasonable calf width. Yay, Chloe!!

  2. You're so sweet, gemsberry! :blush: That is like the highest of compliments to me... only dancers would pay attention to each other's arches!! :giggles: It's been a long while, but I was always a ballet girl myself... :heart: And wow, rhythmic gymnastics!! That sounds amazing!!

    Yay, I hope you get your boots soon and don't forget to post pics when you do!!
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