Chloe boots and shoes - lets see them - feet in or out!

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  1. Hot wind, I have the same problem with mine, hate them! I have used elastics, and have also let them drop down with no ties, but wish there was an easier solution, would love if someone has any ideas.

  2. where did u find them!?
  3. Just got these babies in the mail today... I die! My first pair of Chloe boots :love::





    Thick, chewy leather? Check. Rich, cognac color perfect for fall? Check. Chunky heel? Check! :yahoo: They're perfect!! :cloud9:
  4. Holy Moses. Thems some beauties. Mama's jealous!! :biggrin: Enjoy!!!!
  5. Gorgeous! I LOVE them -- I want! How do you find the height and circumference?

  6. :woohoo: Beautiful! Perfect!! Would love to see some mod shots please! :biggrin:
  7. Oh my... that's exactly what I'm looking for this Fall. Big congrats!! They are absolutely beautiful.
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    Thanks, ladies!! :flowers: Ugh, I love these boots. I opened the box and my first thought was, "Oh, crap. Not Chloe shoes too!" But alas, I have fallen under the Chloe spell again. I can't help it... boots are my weakness! Can't wait for the fall! :biggrin:

    Thanks, girl!! :ghi5: The height is perfect and even a little adjustable as the top part that folds down can fold down a little lower or unroll a little higher (did that make any sense??). The circumference is good, but it is quite roomy in the calf area. I have pretty athletic calves personally, so they fit me well, I'd say! I would say this is definitely the perfect boot for tucking jeans and leggings into, lots of room!

    I got these on Yoox, and it seemed like they had a nice Chloe boots selection at the moment! There's some promo codes floating around right now too for 10% off! :angel:
  9. Mod pics per request! :biggrin:


  10. Hot, hot, hot! You look fab! I always forget to check Yoox. Sadly they don't have these boots anymore. I'm in love with the color and leather!

  11. a) PurseLoveSF you are gorgeous! :heart:
    b) Boots, look at that leather and stitches, it screams Quality! :woohoo:
    c) I'm off to Yoox now :woot::nuts:

  12. Thank you so much, girlies! :heart: :hugs: And yes, quality for sure all around! So comfortable and thick and slouchy... my DBF said they're very sexy and he doesn't often comment on my footwear!

    kdo, they still have them, at least in some sizes! They're just hiding. More colors too! Try here:

    I love Yoox, but it's so confusing how they break up and categorize everything! In this case I had to click on "High-heeled boots" as opposed to "Boots" and make sure I was looking at "Fall-Winter" as opposed to "Spring-Summer." I think they could stand to have a lot more user-friendly web interface! :P Luckily, these babies were worth it :graucho:
  13. PurseLoveSF, thank you for the links. These are sexy for sure!
    I found another style which has my size, but I'm not sure about calf fit as I have athletic (better to say dancer's) calfs. Can you tell how did you find shaft fit? and maybe you can say what's approximate shaft circumference they have?

  14. When I measured the circumference, it measured to be 15'. I thought it'd be more, so I'm not sure I did it right! For me personally, these are definitely roomy in the shaft, and I have muscle-y, athletic calves (are you a dancer? I used to dance too! Plus many years in stilettos! :biggrin:) so calf fit is always something I'm aware of. These have a lot of room, even maybe a touch too much room at the top if I were to nitpick? Perfect for tucking in jeans for sure.

    I HTH! Hope you find a fab pair! Yay, boots!
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