Chloe boots and shoes - lets see them - feet in or out!

  1. kbnkch - Fantastic - :tup::tup:
  2. Ok, sorry guys...Just don't have much time these days......

  3. I'm soooooooo inlove with your silverado shoes! WOW:okay::sweatdrop::drool:
  4. Alice - I love your flats, they look so cute, stylish and most importantly - comfortable. The black ones look super girly.
  5. kbnkch - your Chloe collection is awesome. My favorite pair is the black patent wedge bootie. Sorry... I don't know the correct name. I've been trying to find a pair of those or the mid calf length ones and they are pretty hard to find. I'm green with envy.
  6. mona_danya - I LOVE the boots. I don't own a pair of boots - I never wear them - these are simply gorgeous.

    BTW - do Chloe make Crocs???:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Lots of lovely Chloe shoes!!
  8. Thank you, girls.:smile: I love my Chloe shoes.:heart: They are very well made and comfortable.:yes: I missed one pair.
  9. Alice1979, I love your flats. They are so cute.:yahoo:

    annemerrick, look at those sandal!! Fabulous.:tup:

    mona_danya, Gorgeous!!:drool: Are the boots on the right (can't remember the name...) much taller and wider than the Paddinton boots? Their heels look like about same size, right?
  10. Yes, that pair was the beginning of my Chloe addiction. My very first Chloe.:heart:
  11. Chloe Paddy boot so gorgeous! I wish to own 1 :smile:
  12. They are a little taller than the paddington boots and the heels are a LOT higher. They are pretty high for me so I only wear them on occasions!
  13. I keep coming back to drool, great collections.
  14. Me too!!

    kbnkch & mona - I want your collection -- they are TDF! I love them ALL!
  15. kbnkch - you have an amazing collection! :drool: So many gorgeous Chloe shoes!