Chloe black Silverado

  1. I really want a black Silverado but don't want to pay the price it is on NAP as I know they have been reduced loads before in the NM, BG sales. Does anyone know where I can get an authentic one? I don't mind one that has been used but eBay doesn't really seem to have any in black, please let me know!:yes:
  2. Did you see the large one on eBay rosie, that was in the UK?

    It looked nice

    will dig out the link for you if you want
  3. Do you think it's authentic though? :confused1: You have one don't you? How is i to use compared to the Paddy? Does it look expensive and well made IRL like the Paddy?
  4. I used to have this bag in the silver, its much much lighter to carry around than the paddy, a very very different bag.

    Bag looks good, but ofcourse, I would recommend emailing her, seeing if she has the receipt and the original tags etc.......
  5. Thanks, I thought they had been selling fakes though!
  6. the one on eBay is the large size... 19 inches across :nuts: I rarely see the black silverado either, but i'll keep an eye out for you.
  7. Thanks
  8. Which is the best size?