CHLOE black Paddington Cross-Body Bag $796@NM

  1. Great deal, but I would never buy that bag. Cross bodies just dont get me hot and bothered
  2. Anyone wanna place bets!? I'll give it less than 2 minutes till it sells!
  3. SOLD! Why dont you weenies reveal yourself! Who bought it/ got it!
  4. I know. Why doesn't anybody ever fess up to buying things? lol I would proudly brag about a good deal! LMAO
  5. I always picture some alternate version of tPF like, "The Handbag Message Board" or something, that does the exact same thing we're doing and we're sniping each other's finds. :roflmfao:
  6. ^ LOL You could be right. I always thought it was a bunch of lurkers who come here to just steal the deals and run. haha
  7. Yeah, sure, come up with a more rational explaination. :p It's much more fun to imagine an "evil" version of us, though.
  8. This is probably the one I returned. It was actually not a very nice bag in person.
  9. I'm the one who bought it if the order went through...I saw the information from some other place and just found this post here..:lol:
    Shopdoc: Is there anything wrong with the bag? Thanks!
  10. Nothing wrong with the bag. It actually came with a dust bag and the tag was properly attached. I just wasn't crazy about it. The bag by itself isn't very large but it is still very heavy (could be because I am pretty wimpy).

    For me, I think my DH is partly responsible for my not liking the bag. The bag arrived on a Sat when he was home (that's why I like UPS better than FedEx, no Sat delivery) and he has this stupid habit of teasing me over the stuff I buy. He said something in the order of how the bag looked like a little leather bucket with a huge padlock hanging down from it and really got a kick out of the fact that the bag is called a "body bag" and totally ruined the bag for me.

    Hope you get the bag and like it. I also really hope that I didn't ruin the bag for you. :flowers:
  11. ^LOL!!! i always get teased about the lock on my paddy - for some reason it makes people think you're into bondage :confused1:

    I've seen the cross body bag on the chloe forum where a member modeled it - it actually looks very cute!

    Lemme see if i can find it