Chloe Black Betty Satchel @

  1. Got it! Thanks for the tip!

    I hope that my order doesn't get canceled ... I know this has happened to other people!
  2. ^^ oh so lucky! It had said available but as soon as I added it to my cart, it was not available anymore.
  3. Bummer, BabyK! Maybe I got the last one ... hopefully it will show up again and you can grab it!
  4. i ordered one and canceled my order, i have to wait till june before i can get another bag, twas a moment of weakness
  5. Wow what deal on that Chloe!!!
  6. I'm always too late. Congrats Lori!!
  7. I can live vicariously thru you! show pics when you get it!
  8. fabby deal, so glad a fab pfer got it :smile:
  9. what an insane deal!

  10. Great job!!! its such a great deal!
  11. Well, here's the bag. I truly love it, although I am finding that the handles are a bit wide (I have really small hands). I may see if I can take it to a repair shop and have the handles made a little thinner otherwise they will take some getting used to ... but without further ado, here she is (and the patent is gorgeous!!!):

  12. Lovely I am so jealous!
  13. wow - that chloe is stunning!
  14. Wow, TDF!! I got the small Red Patent Betty, and the handles do indeed take some getting use to. I was ready to return it because of this, but after I used it for a few times, I'm not bothered as much by it anymore. I tend to carry it more as a satchel in the crook of my arm, and then up on my shoulder if necessary, like when I need my hands to carry something.