Chloe Big Pocket Bag

  1. I may have a replacement for my blue Paddy, but I need help selecting a color. Has anyone seen the taupe or mousse in person? I am getting the Edith in whiskey (and maybe a second color???)...what do you recommend? Is the mousse a grey or green color?
    Big Pocket Tote Mousse.jpg Big Pocket Tote side.jpg Big Pocket Tote.jpg
  2. I think the mousse is pretty. I have been looking for a blue paddy. Where can I find one?
  3. still has the light blue, and I just returned one to the Costa Mesa Ron Herman store...they should have it on Monday.
  4. off white!!!!!
  5. I haven't seen it in person but to me the pics look dark green or at least a dark greyish green (green being predominant). Mousse in French means a few things, one of which is moss, as in the tiny plant material.:P
  6. Oh, that is good to know! I am not a fan of moss green, so that may make a big difference! The grey color on NAP is listed as "Dove" while LVR has it listed as "Mousse"...are these different colors? The NAP looks a lot lighter and less green.

    Also, the conversion rate seems to have gone up today...:sad:
  7. Love That Bag!
  8. I like the tan or I saw a pic of that in white and it looked good too. I'm just not feeling that mousse color whatever it is grey or green.
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