Chloe Bettys at NMLC Allen Texes!

  1. imonpurseblog just found us some Chloe Bettys at NMLC Allen Texas

    Red patent chain handle Betty $644 - 20% on Tuesday - 5% off with NM card
    Red Patent Small regular Betty $812 - 20% on Tuesday - 5% off with NM card

    they are on hold under Jana and you can call and ask for Megan 972-678-4914
  2. Great Find:tup:!!! I can't believe sale time is here already.....
  3. Wow, how exciting! Hope someone grabs them!! :tup:
  4. Mona, are the prices you quoted after the 20% and 5% discounts? Just making sure...thanks!!!
  5. Before the discount...
  6. Wow, great prices, I thought I got a good price at $644 on my red chain Betty, but this is a steal!!
    I did get a special invite for the sale on Tues., so guess I'll be going......I'm amped!!
  7. They are pre-selling right now! :sweatdrop: I have the chain handle Betty on hold while I try to sort out shipping arrangements. They will not ship to Canada unless I have a NM card. They can't process my application over the phone so they referred me to the online application but that didn't work out for me either because I did not have a valid zip code and state. Then, when I tried the 1.800 number for credit card assistance, their office is closed on weekends. Aaargh!!! :hysteric:

    I really, really, really want this Betty. I have been patiently waiting for an amazing deal and this is absolutely it, $515 - WOW!

    I will keep you posted on my ordeal. I know the hard work will pay off...
    BIG thanks to mona and imonpurseblog for finding these deals! :woohoo:
  8. :heart:you're welcome. Did you get it? I hope you can work it out. The gals at this NMLC are really friendly in Customer Service. They helped me sort something out and the manager is A+ in my book.

    Let us know!
  9. llson:
    Do you live nearby? I find that the Grapevine outlet has better stuff the few times I've been. I was just there and they had a ton of Chloe on Friday. They had that patchwork in tan and a huge Ava that I loved loved loved but it wasn't me. I'm not kidding when I say that leather is TDF. I can see why it was hard to send your patchwork back. LOVELY leather!!

    EDITED: You shouldn't wait until Tuesday! They are preselling, go now!!
  10. I just gotta tell you all - I wear Betty *every single day* and do not reach for any other bag! Betty is just a perfect bag :yes:
  11. Thanks, imonpurseblog, actually I live in FL, and yes, it was hard to send that Moka patchwork back, but I have the large Ava, and of course, found the Moka paddy, so just couldn't justify keeping it. If I find it for a 'giveaway' price, I might grab it.....LOL
    I went to the Orlando NMLC yesterday, but not much for Chloe, 2 large Edith bowlers - 1 green, 1 Ivory, the price was over $800 ($847??), a couple of Dove gray Betty's ($900), a couple of Tracy's, an Edith shopper in brown and a tall Edith flap in brown (both in the $900 price range). I did pre-sell a couple of pair of boots at a steal. Go figure, I have a boot fetish and live in FL--:shame:.
    I may give Grapevine a call to see if there is anything I 'must' have. LOL
    Thanks so much for the tip.
  12. ^^you're welcome! I have to laugh about your boot fetish in Florida. I sent my new M-I-L (years ago) a robe and slippers for Christmas. It never occured to me that it wouldn't get chilly enough for her to wear. She made sure I knew what a dumb gift it was. I think this was the same year she gave me a pair of silver earrings. Nice thought, I guess, but they weren't new. Gives an all new meaning to "regifting". I could go on and on about our gift exchanges. Anyway, I hope you find something!

    I went to Nordstroms Rack (first time ever) this weekend. I thought I remebered you posting about finding Chloe at one. This one didn't have any and I wasn't blown away although I did manage to snag a couple of things. This was also my first visit to Saks Off 5th (somehow missed it last time and I was right by it). I got a few things there too, but no Chloe.
  13. Can you please post a picture of the boots you got?
  14. I need a Betty now...:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    I am glad you are enjoying yours... but it makes me want it even more... i am lusting for one... LOL:love:
  15. It has been *so* one-sided around here in Betty's favor that I am letting some of the others go :wtf: So, yes, get your hands on a Betty when a good deal comes your way! :tup: