Chloe Bettys at NM Last Call

  1. The NM Last Call store in Arundel Mills in Maryland has 2 medium Betty's in whiskey - I think it was whiskey - and a big Gladys all better than half off retail. I would call them and see if they'd check for you if it's a long way to drive! :yes:

    Just FYI. They'll go quick!
  2. Wow, amazing!! too bad I don't like whiskey.. my wallet is happy!
  3. I don't see it :sad:
  4. I called and they are $1000 which is a little too high I'd say!
  5. How often do they mark down their items? Betty's went cheaper than that in the actual department store.
  6. I know, I was very susprised at the price....maybe someone else can call and ask!
  7. If they were half that price I would have jumped on it. Wonder if they had any other bags? Mona, can you post the number I will call also. TIA...:smile:
  8. 410-379-0159

    Please post ASAP if they were less than $1000 so I can call!
  9. I just called as well, first the SA said no we don't have any chloe's in. Then I explained to her that someone was just there and had seen them then she went to check:censor: . Anyway they are $1007. I wonder how long it will be before they mark them down:confused1:
  10. Hi all,

    I was at the Last call at Grapevine Mills, TX and there were like 3 or 4 Bettys left, and they were around $600. So go ahead and call and ask. Do remember that you probably gave to give a detailed description of the bag since the sales people don't always know the differences. Good luck!
  11. I called and they only had one, what seemed like a Silverado, but it was $1100.....
  12. I just called the austin store and they have one chloe she didn't know the name but it was green with one handle and a pocket in the front:confused1: for $400
  13. now thats more reasonable! if only we knew the style!
  14. LOL! Was she describing a one-armed Jade Betty or an Edith Satchel? :upsidedown:
  15. or a paddy hobo?