Chloe Betty?

  1. Does anyone have a Chloe Betty? Thanks to sparkledust's post, I just got a chocolate betty satchel! The SA said it was a medium size, but she didn't know the dimensions. Anyone else have a betty satchel? Would love to see your pics too and please let me know if you love/hate!! :heart:
  2. yes, I too have only recently been converted to the betty. I adore it, I really do. The leather is devine, and the cute little pockets on the front just make me go all gooey!!!

    some piccies here :smile: Mine is the small

  3. I think they are the next edgiest bag after Balenciaga Motorcycle bag
  4. I purchased the Chloe Betty Chain in Bordeaux Patent leather 2 weeks ago in Chicago. Saks was having a sale and it was sitting on a table with a large bunch of Mulberry bags. I thought someone had set it down there, but after my luck the day before, I took it to the SA and had her scan it. It was marked down to $740.00 (from $1,890.00). So I felt I had to buy it, as it was such an awesome "steal". Anyway, I love looking at it and it is a beautiful bag, but I am just not sure whether I am going to keep it. I keep thinking I can return it and the new JC bag would only be a FEW more dollars... (HaHa.. ) That's how I JUSTIFY my bags......
  5. I think these bags are adorable! Thinking about getting one sometime in the late late future...
  6. Got it. Love it dearly.
  7. Thanks for the pics chloe-babe, and to everyone for your posts!
    Does anyone have any idea what the dimensions of the medium satchel are? Or have pics of it? I can only find the large satchel on all the sites, but not the medium (but the SA specifically said the tag of the bag I bought said 'medium')
  8. I've been admiring the Bettys for some time now...I love how they are very functional, yet still original and hot!
  9. Here is my medium black betty from an older season... I love it! very roomy and tons of compartments
  10. I have the black Betty in small from the summer collection 06 without the o-ring zippers which I prefer. I really love the back because it's so comfy to wear and it is like a black hole because it fits so much even I have the small version.
    Good choice!