Chloe Betty

  1. Hi - I am new to Chloe.

    I am looking for a black betty. The kind that comes with out the loops on zipper pulls. I want the one that has normal zipper pulls.

    Also does anyone know how many sizes this bag came in? and if it came with that little Chloe book looking thing?

    And what would be a great price on this bag?

    Thanks in advance for answering a Chloe newbies questions.
  2. Hello there
    Welcome to the forum!:flowers:
    I am no expert, I just have a medium chocolate betty which I deeply love:love:...
    but I believe the small, medium and large satchels all come with the rings (which make the bag look great, in my opinion). There are also shoulder bags/hobos that come without the ring. A shopping version was also produced, but I am not very familiar with this style. In addition, there are some chain-handled bags.

    All of them come with the detachable purse.

    What style are you interested in? :confused1:

    I'd say several small, medium and large authentic black betties have recently sold on eBay for around 500-900 dollars...:yes:

    There are a couple of hobos now (with and without rings) for around 700 dollars. If you send me a PM (personal message, I can forward you the link to several auctions).
    You may find cheaper bags, but i'd advise to purchase yours from a trustworthy seller... we've had too many problems lately...

    I am in love with the black betty, by the way...:heart:

    PS You can drool over pics in the Betty Fan Club in the reference section...
  3. I love the black betty too! I have the black chain betty, but I'd like to get a normal one as well! I think these are pretty hard to find, especially on sale

  4. There is currently one on eBay from a trusted tpfer
  5. Not all of the bags came with the rings I have a black without and a moka chain with the rings both were purchase at Nordstroms. So definately do your research.......
  6. The black you own is a hobo without rings (in fact, i was going to PM Avedashiva the link to your auction), but there are some hobos with rings as well.
    As for the regular two-handled satchel, I have never seen one without rings.
    The chain-handled betties do carry the rings.
  7. I agree, I have seen the hobo with and without the rings, all of the chain handle seem to have the rings
  8. Hi All -

    Thanks for all the informative replies.

    Since I posted this - I decided to check out NR - since I had heard about all the reburbished bags. Guess what? I found a black betty there for $198. The only problem is the detachable coin thing is missing as well as the dustbag.

    I am not sure if I should keep the bag knowing there are two missing items.

    Do many of you use the little coin purse? Or is it purely decorative? And do you all condition as well as treat the bag for water?

    The leather is soft and the bag is quite roomy. This would be my first Chloe!

    Thanks in advance. I really appreciate all the great info and support on this site.
  9. Wow... that's a good deal...
    I am in love with the betty and am not too picky, so I would keep it... HOwever, be aware that your chances of selling it off will be greatly reduced... but the price is too good to be missed... an authentic used betty would be, at least, 400 USD...
    Send pics if you finally get it! And keep coming back... this is a great place to be...

  10. OMG! Which NR did you find this at?? If you don't end up getting it, I've LOVE to have it!! :nuts:
  11. just an FYI.....I called that NR and they are out of Chloes.....:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  12. Aww, shucks..I would have loved a Black Chloe Betty - especially for $198!!
  13. Yeah tell me about it....
  14. Dust bag missing? So what! The absence of the coin purse wouldn't bother me either, especially at the price you paid. If it's a weighty issue, you can always try to get one from a Chloe boutique?
  15. :tup: Congrats on a fab deal!!! I wish I could be so lucky:sweatdrop:, Id be a happy gal:upsidedown:!!!