Chloe Betty- what season did I get?

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  1. I recently bought a Black Betty in the largest size from Nordstrom in California and I just realized, it has no rings on the zippers. Why would that be?

    I'm not complaining....I got the sale price of the Grey and Ivory on my black :wlae:, but I am curious as to whether I got an old season bag!
  2. I think it was a prefall bag.

    S/S 06 had the rings. This style came out again for F/W 06 so i'm guessing it was the one in-between (pre-fall) which would be why they still had it!
  3. You got a S/S bag, summer 06. actually. Betty with rings and a brass lock came out in December/January as part of a pre-spring 06. collection.
  4. Thank you ladies!
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