Chloe Betty Wallet $305 NM

  1. still available
  2. Oh no why did I look! It's the patent one too :crybaby:
    Why won't they post abroad?
  3. super cute! so tempting!
  4. gone :sad::crybaby:
  5. how did you find out? it's not under the sale section...
  6. you can keep the link in your favorites. Then fresh it several times per day:p
  7. the link for the Chloe wallet? but most of the handbags posted on this thread were not under the sale section :biggrin:
  8. Crap!
    I stalked this wallet forever. Why don't I just pay full price for things? I think I have a mental problem that makes me love the hunt as much as the goodie.
  9. I NEEDED THAT!:sad:
  10. Missed it again :cursing: