Chloe Betty Tote $620 @NM

  1. great deal but not my style.
  2. Wow, great deal. This bag looks great. Hope someone got it. :smile:
  3. Pretty sure that's the one I returned last week. It worth $200 just for the brand, the bag has no shape at all.
  4. That's a good price!
  5. still there!
  6. Still there, hope someone get it. I already own the Edith shopper or I will grab it right away.
  7. What is the color of the bag that is displayed? It looks like cognac but the color option claims chocolate. Can anyone confirm?
  8. It looks like whiskey to me other than chocolate. Both color are very rich and beautiful.
  9. Love this style Betty, I have a black patent and it gets tons of compliments -- this is a great deal!!
  10. Gone.
    girltalk, did you get this?
  11. oooh thats a nice one. love the color...
  12. No. I couldn't decide between this one and the red paddy from alohrag and now they are both gone :crybaby:
  13. it's showing available right now for me! try again!
  14. great price but way to big for me.