Chloe Betty Sizes

  1. how many different chloe betty sizes are there? i first thought there was a small and large. but i've read some threads about people having medium bettys. can any betty experts please help clarify? and if you know the measurements that would be extremely helpful. THANK YOU!
  2. there is a small satchel size (about 5 by 10 inches), a medium satchel(around 8 by 12 inches), a large satchel (around 12 by15 inches), a tote bag (around 11 by 12 inche) and a hobo (around 11 by 11 inches)

    There is also the Betties with chain straps , which are a "duffel bag" style and which come in small (around 6 by 10 inches), Medium (around 8 by 13-14 inches) and an open top tote bag style which is not a duffel bag style but is a tote bag. (around 12 by 14 inches)
  3. thanks!