chloe betty shopper - metallic - NM

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  1. Hurry.. you can get another 30% off
    code: PRIVATE
  2. Gone--a steal at $484.40!!
  3. I had no idea the private code applies to sale items!! For real?!
  4. Is the 30% off everything with that code?
  5. OMG! Time to go shopping!!
  6. did you actually get it at that price? because I don't think the sale items receive an additional 30% unless they happen to be on the designated list of items for the private sale. At least it didn't apply the discount to the items in my cart that weren't part of the private sale.
  7. I tried to apply the 30% to a clearance/sale item and it didn't work.
  8. yeah, that was my experience too. :sad:
  9. It worked for me using 30% off with sale items. I got an extra 30% off for Lacoste in the sales section.
  10. I tried it for a Bulga bag on the sale section, and it didn't work. But I just checked the link Jazz sent, and it seems Bulga is not on the list, so that explains it. You have to check the list to see if it's one of the selected designers.
  11. The 30% doesn't work on the sale items...I keep trying, but it doesn't work.:sad:
  12. It worked for all designers on the list and chloe was one of them:yes: Somewhere on here someone posted the link to which designers were allowed
  13. sorry, I was not cleared. it will only work on the brands that is listed in the prvate sales. this includes sales items.