Chloe Betty shades of gray

  1. Does anyone know if the Betty comes in two shades of gray, one lighter and one darker?
    I know Chloe's "dauphin" is a lighter gray, and I've seen the Betty in that color. has, in the sale section, a gray betty that appears darker, and I'm wondering if it's dauphin or a different gray.
    Any insight???:confused1:
  2. i'm pretty sure that's the lighter color, i'm looking for my tag from the darker one and can't find it but i seem to remember it read "flanelle" (sp)? i have to stop now but i'll keep searching for you later...
  3. another clue..the one online doesn't have any rings so i think it must be the lighter shade from the spring/summer while i think the newer darker grey is from the fall and should have the rings?
  4. I have the Betty in the lighter color, I believe it's called Dove gray. I think the darker is the dauphin. I saw the darker at NM, it's a beautiful color.