Chloe Betty Patent for $664 at NM

  1. gone
  2. Can someone tell me how you find out about these sales before it's too late? I have a Neiman's Charge and I had no idea.
  3. You just have to keep logging into NM online and BG online daily, hourly is best to see what the stick up in their sales. Inventory changes constantly.
  4. Oh good heavens!! Hard to do if you have a life - thanks so much for the info.!!!!
  5. cute bag!
  6. hahaha SuzyZ! so true! i've already accepted the fact that i would never be able to get those chloe deals b/c they get snatched up so quickly.
  7. i'm such a loser because i actually click refresh every few minutes to get deals. and i still miss them sometimes! there's some quick people out there! but i have picked up a few good ones so keep trying!
  8. I always miss this bag, damn!
  9. BAD NEWS!! i thought i got it yesterday but i just found out this morning that my order was cancelled..:cursing:
  10. damn, im always too late haha...
  11. I don't bother to get excited anymore when those bags pop up, I just put it in my mind that its up by mistake:shrugs: because it never fails that when someone orders it, there order is canceled the next day:push: