Chloe Betty on sale:

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  1. Thanks, but I hate to see Chloe bags on!
  2. *off topic

    Your persian is TDF :nuts: whatta cutieeee....

    Feel like just patting that fluffy luscious fur *hope she/he is friendly :lol:
  3. I agree....

    I just purchased a Chloe Betty "Chain" from Saks, but it was WAY less than this one and it is the Bordeaux patent leather. Overstocks prices don't always seem the greatest.

    How do you comb your "fluff ball" ? I am having problems keeping mine Knot Free....:confused1: :shrugs:
  4. Thanks everyone for your comments on my fluffball! Her name is Kitten. She's a 3-year-old Persian. I love her and I try to hug her as much as possible! :tender: I do have to comb her with a metal comb almost daily. I also take her to a groomer every month for a shampoo, blow dry and comb out.:yes: (Admittedly, she hasn't gone in a few months now because her skin is so dry and she won't let anyone bathe her!)
  5. How much is way less?

    Overstock always has 15% off coupons and such...I wonder if it's worth it after that...

  6. i've had AWFUL customer service from Overstock ladies... so be careful! they really screwed my boyf around...
  7. I was just gonna post the same thing. At NM's it's currently $990 w/additonal 25% off. And if you wait and find one next week it will be even less than that a little birdie told me that :smile:
  8. 2 things

    1. be wary of their return policy. I think there's a 15% restocking fee.
    2. this could work out to be a better deal if you use any of their 15%-20% off codes and if you click through They will give you 10 points per dollar. and then you can redeem the points for gift cards etc
  9. $725.00 -no tax either:yes:
  10. I will not buy from after they messed with me with a restocking fee and some weird math with crediting me my money.
  11. i was just wondering what additional 25% off were you talking about. thanks!
  12. Not with handbags, only specific items like electronics. All other returns are $4.95 per item.
  13. I think my return was for jewelry. I bought necklaces for my bridesmaids and I didn't know there was a restocking fee in general. I haven't placed an order since.
  14. is not any better than bluefly ladies (and you know all the nightmare stories we have heard about them!). not all their vendors are authorized dealers and there is a huge potential for fakes. it even states something of the sort in their site disclaimer so you can not sue them for a refund if you order a fake. And with the discounts not being that great, I wouldn't take the risk....