Chloe Betty Leather Tote

  1. I saw this bag today at Nordstroms. Was seriously tempted but it is soo heavy!
  2. Do you guys know if this Betty style is heavy?

  3. Love both of those! :smile:
  4. The bag itself is not heavy for the size but once it's halfway or all the way full it sure is! I just got one and I love it. I don't have to carry a separate gym bag anymore because my shoes and clothes can fit in it! It gets fairly heavy when full.
  5. Wow, it holds that much?! I really want it. Which color do you have? Any pictures?
  6. the book is really nice but looks heavy
  7. I have the large regular Betty (had the black chain one, but it was too heavy and sent it back). I think the Betty is a great bag. It is big, but I never fill it full. Someone described the Betty as 'casual chic', and I think that fits. Now is a great time to grab one on sale.
  8. I have 2 betty hobos and they are extremely light. I love them!