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  1. Hello All!

    I was visiting the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA last Sunday, and I asked the sales persons at the Chloe store if they had anything on sale. Sure enough, in the back (not on the floor), they had a beautiful Chloe Betty Limited Edition in tan (maybe there is a more specific name for the colour.) The bag was a large size, and had all the circle hardware on the pulls, with I think 4 zippered pockets on the outside of the bag. The best part was the price was marked down $800! It was $1100 to $1125 (I can't remember exactly), but I did speak to the sales person about what a great deal it was.

    This was last Sunday, so I'm not sure if its still in stock, but since it wasn't out on the floor, it may still be there. Personally, I ended up going downstairs in the mall and purchasing a Dior Gaucho, but if your interested in a Limited Edition Betty at a great price, don't miss it!

    I'm sure you can always call the store, they're happy to hold items for customers: (714) 481-0308.

    (P.S. My first thread, I hope I did it right!)
  2. You did wonderfully-- what a great first post! :tup: I hope someone snags this!
  3. Why thank you! I really appreciate your kind response! Its always so exciting to find good deals on beautiful things!


    Have a lovely day!
  4. Hi Thanks I Bought The Bag And Am Having It Sent
    Again Appreciate The Information