chloe betty in leather..

  1. I've seen the patent leather betty bags in Nordstrom but does anyone know of any stores with the regular leather large betty bags in stock???
  2. Check at Intermix - I know someone posted that they still had some beige and black large Bettys at the one in Florida (maybe). Good luck!
  3. There was a grey and a chamois up on the sale section of and this morning, but they sold out quickly. :s

  4. intermix?? i've never heard of that store, are they reliable with shipping and authenticity?? thank you!
  5. ^^ I was gonna say that! Funnily enough, I had no trouble finding plenty of the normal leather bettys, it was just the patent that seemed to be the most rare to find! xx
  6. Yes, Chloe acknowledges them as one of their authorized retailers. :smile:

    Sorry, should've given you a link:


    I don't think they have any online any more, but the Florida store did a few days ago, so try there! Good luck!
  7. I just bought the a grey leather large betty from Bergdorf Goodman. I am having second thoughts because it is rather large for my liking...
    I saw two patent leathers at Neimans in SF today. No leathers tho
  8. I saw one (regular price) at my Neimans in Tysons II The Galleria (McLean, VA). You could always ask them to call you when it goes on sale...