Chloe Betty Hobo 60% off @ NM

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  1. ^^What a great deal.
  2. wow~
  3. I wish we had a NM here.. :sad:
  4. Miss it!
  5. Back again!!
  6. I have this bag and I love her! Using her right now.
  7. Lynnie, how is the weight of the bag? And how does the lighter Chamois color fare against dirt? This bag is so beautiful but if it's as heavy as the paddington cross-body I'm not sure if my weak arms can carry it! - Turtle
  8. Ohhhh noooo, just when I was going to click off this page I read that you love this bag. Now I'm thinking well maybe one more wouldn't hurt:rolleyes:. What do you love about it, is it roomy, could I get away with using it as a diaper bag???? Do you have any pics with it on? All of these sale are killing me... one day I will learn to resist..... but not today:nogood: lol....
  9. Hey ali w I love this bag. She is roomy, and I love all the pockets. IMO I would not use her as a diaper bag. Looks great casual with Jeans. Holds a lot. Easy to get into, leather is a little slick, so no worrys about dirt. Someone shoud give her a try. I just PM Turtle back. She looks like she is still available right now. You can always return. :yes:
  10. It's back!
  11. The strap looks long, can you wear it as a cross-body bag? Thanks!
  12. gone again