chloe betty experts: need help

  1. hello all! i am new here! :girlsigh:

    i am soooo late in the chloe betty ballgame.
    I saw the movie w/scarlett (forgot title) and i think she was carrying this beauty.

    What size of chloe should i get? Exactly what are the dimensions of the medium versus large chloe betty?

    Also the many pockets in the betty? i see there are three in some (2 small, one elongated one) and 2 smaller pockets in others??? Are there more?

    also, what colors are available in the medium? large??

    if worst comes to worse, i'll have to buy at do i tell if a betty is real or fake?

    i know most of these are so basic questions....i live in a tiny tiny town and have no access to high end shops (our high end is macy's...). I also tried researching at online stores, but they are no help in their description.

    thank u in advance for your help. i am wanting my first betty.
  2. Are you referring to the movie, "Match Point" with Scarlett Johansson? If so, the bag that she was carrying in that movie is called the Mulberry Roxanne (see the picture below). Hope that helps! :smile:

  3. thanks shoppegirl. i thought it was memory is failing me.

    the chloe betty is still v. pretty.