Chloe Betty "Discontinued" Question

  1. Does anyone know if the Betty has been discontinued?
  2. Good question. I just got the little customer look book for summer, and there are lots of Bays and Paddies even, but not a single Betty. Of course, the book doesn't show everything, and I haven't asked specifically. There were Betties in the spring book -- at least the silver metallic python one.
  3. Yes on, they are still showing chloe purses, the silver pyton, and a plain leather (looks dark navy or black), and a four zip front pocket version also, that looks like the strap is leather, but the bag may be fabric? (hard to tell from the piccies, as have not seen them yet IRL) so its ok! they are still around :yes:

    I am so glad, I actually love them more now than I did when they first came out.