Chloe Betty color.....on the fence..HELP!

  1. hi..........I just recently bought the Betty Satchel (the one with the two zip pockets in the front) in chocolate and it is really beautiful!! BUT, then I had to go and see the Betty on-line in Chamois. Does anyone know about this color?? It almost looks like a lite banana color, but it can be so deceiving on-line.

    Should I just keep my chocolate Betty and be done with it? Do you think it would be more versatile than the Chamois color.......and of course, easier to keep clean?? Help! Need feedback! Thanks so much giselle
  2. This is a tough one! I really love both colors so I guess it depends on what you already have. If you don't have a chocolate staple bag, go for chocolate- which is TDF! Or if you want/need a fun summer/spring color, go for the chamois. sorry, I was not much help!
  3. I haven't seen the Chamois but is there any way you could score the Tan? That's my favorite Betty color. =)
  4. Ok, I may be tarred and feathered for saying this, but the chamois and tan Betty leather is simply awful looking. The only way I can describe it is that when I saw it, it reminded me of the pleather upholstery inside the old Ford Pinto we owned when I was a kid! :P There is just something about the texture of that leather that I don't like. I love the Paddys and the Edith, but the only color I can tolerate in the Betty is the black, and for that kind of dough, even that is not that impressive to me. Of course if you LOVE the bag that is all that matters, but just the way those bags look in person to me is a disappointment, since the other Chloe bags are just WORKS OF ART!
  5. Don't worry Roo.....I appreciate ALL opinions:biggrin: . I guess I am the kind of girl that likes all those zippy compartments. I do love the chocolate and I do not have anything close to that color. So............I guess the question might then be do you consider the chocolate more year round and the Chamois a spring/summer bag? I know chocolate might not be "ideal" for summer, but I do like browns with summer pastels, say jeans and a lite color tee.

    So does that mean I should keep the chocolate?? sheesh, i can't think! giselle
  6. Keep the chocolate, giselle! This bag is prone to color transfer anyways......SoCal experienced it with her chocolate and it did not come out. I believe some others have experienced with the light colors. It would be much better to handle on a darker color. I know it would stink if it happens, but.........The chocolate is beautiful. My silverado is the exact same color. That's why I decided against getting the Betty for myself.