Chloe Betty Bags at C21

  1. At century 21 in morristown, nj they have 2 chloe betty bags. They are really big and i know one is priced at around $800. i think one is grey and the other tan. :yes: if anyone is interested check it out.
  2. Generally speaking, how does the Morristown C-21 compare to the Manhattan one?

    The only other one I've been to was the outlet in Secaucus which was a complete dump where just about everything there was damaged so I wouldn't recommend it but are the non-outlet NJ locations as good as Manhattan?
  3. i think the non-manhattan stores are just as good... I've been to almost all of them and they are all pretty well stocked, but there are just some days, you go there and find absolutely nothing.

    I've seen Betty's at a few of the c21's now
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll check out the one on Long Island tomorrow.
  5. i live in nyc and personally like the one in morristown wayyyyy better (my family is in nj so im there a lot)...the good stuff lasts longer there...i once got a really cute pucci cosmetic case for like $ would have been gone in a second in manhattan...:heart:
  6. ^^ Same! I live here too and also have parents from jersey. I never go to the C21 in manhattan, it's always too crazy
  7. ^^ I was there earlier today,and it was overwhelming!. There was alot of good things there though!.
  8. I went to C21 manhattan today, saw 2 chloe betty bags too, and they are one in grey, one in tan. I didn't ask for the price, sorry.
  9. The one on Long Island had two Betty bags, brown and tan. I think they were $899.
  10. Century 21 is a realator company here.. that's weird.
  11. i heard that the new C21 store was a major disappointment
  12. I work as a beauty advisor for lancome at the manhattan c21, its alwaysss a madhouse. I was in handbags 2day and I only saw one gray chloe left. They just got in some great d&g bags though!
  13. what is c21?is it like tkmaxx over here?
  14. we have century 21 the realator company here to....i guess they just have the smae names lol:shrugs:
  15. I live in mass but every time we visit my boyfriend's parents in wayne nj, i always make him drive me to the century 21 in morristown. I love it! Much better than the filene's basement vault, I think, and way better than tjmaxx, loehmanns, etc. I can't wait to go back!