Chloe Betty Bag in Whiskey????

  1. :shrugs: Hi all, can anyone help???? i heard the Chloe Betty came in Whiskey. But i can't find any!! Does anyone know if... and where i can get one?:confused1:
  2. Hi: I just bought the mini Betty in Whiskey from Aloha Rag. I love it! The Whiskey color on a Betty is different to the Whiskey color on the Paddy. It's a bit deeper and redder, but in my opinion it is equally gorgeous!!:smile:
  3. Thanks for that. Do you know if the large betty's come in Whiskey? Does Aloha Rag sell the real deal? Thanks:yes:
  4. I don't know if the large Bettys come in Whiskey, but I do know that all of the bags that Aloha Rag sells are authentic! They also ship for free and there is no tax.