Chloe Bays on Hold, Anyone interested?


Sep 28, 2007
Hey girls, I've got a brown shoulder bay (very cute) and a black quilted bay that I put on hold a few days ago. I have seen them and held them, they look good. I was there when they started marking them down so they weren't handled and mauled. I got them as she took them off the shelf. Anyway....I've bought way too much and I am going to let these go in favor of a very special bag I should be getting (crossing my fingers nothing happens). Soooo....If you want them, PM me and I'll tell you where and give you the name of my SA. You can't get them unless I release them, so PM me. That way I know one of my tpf friends got them.

prices are
brown bay (has shoulder strap) $1795/down to $1202
black quilted bay $1780/ down to $1192

I also have on hold at another store:

silver/metallic (argent)? quilted bay with matching wallet
PM me for details on that

I'm going to let them go at the end of the day so let me know soon.