Chloe Bay Shopper Tote

  1. Does anyone have this? Is it too big for everyday use? The leather on this is to die for and the pic does not do it justice, but just wonder if it is too big? I got it for a steal ($1800 marked down to $590.00) but even at 590 dont want to keep something that looks out of style or abnormally large. TIA
  2. I think this is a classic style and the color is neutral enough that I don't think this one will ever go "out of style". Now, for an everyday bag, depends on what you are looking for and what is your style. I definitely think that this can be used everyday.
  3. What a beautiful bag!! I am sure that you can use this enough to justify keeping it!
  4. The bag is beautiful. Love the color and the style. It does look rather large in the picture though. Can you post a modeling picture?
  5. It's gorgeous... and an amazing deal! :drool: Yes please model it for us!!
  6. Nevermind. I, being an idiot, dropped the bag on the floor in my room to run get the door and when I came back found my dog using it as his pillow so I guess I am keeping it.

    thanks for all the advice.
  7. That's a great deal and a very nice bag. If you don't mind my asking where did you get it? Also very cute pic of your dog. What kind of dog do you have? (can't tell from the pic)
  8. Got it from Nordstroms. He is a black english cocker that thinks everything in my house is his. Totally off topic, but I :heart: my dog, so here is a better pic of him.
  9. gorgeous bag and cute dog!

    Which Nordstrom did you get it? Do they have more?
  10. That bag is soooo cute. :smile: I'd totally keep it!
  11. Both thd dog and the bag are gorgeous!
  12. Towson in Md from Ali's Sa Mary. This is actually one of the bags that Ali posted about but everyone thought it was the Ava and it turned out to be a bay.

    I don't know if they have anymore, might want to check with Ali.

  13. Thanks!!
  14. OMG.... I can't believe that was one of the bags!!!!! Congrats lionlaw, its gorgeous!

    Sucre she had a quilted bay tote in ecru the other day for $590 but it may be gone I didn't get the message until a couple of days later!
  15. Thank you so much for taking the time to put these on hold for us and then post about them. I was supposed to be on a purse ban, but couldn't pass these up. I got the maggie (not the satchel but the smaller one), the paddy hobo in blue (killer color) and the bay from Mary for the price of what one Chloe goes for. All 07 bags. Thanks again. :tup: