Chloe Bay NON ZIP

  1. My friend is looking to purchase a chloe bay bag, what is the difference between that and the regular bay bag? I've never seen it in person so i don't really know. i also see that there's an extra tab in between the handles. Anyone own this bag and have rl pics of it?

    Any opinions about this bag would be appreciated.

  2. Those are authentic Bay bags described as being "non-zip" from the Sacoche Boutique in Bahrain - also known as a Chloe International store. I haven't been able to figure out how they work???:confused1:
  3. I wonder if it just meens no zip...a kind of open shopper?
  4. I have a Bay without a zipper.
  5. Are you referring to the bay shopper? that does not have a zipper at the top and is open. Attached is a pic