chloe bay in chocolate or ivory?

  1. ladies i'm interested to buy a chloe bay bag in chocolate or ivory, but i can't decide :rolleyes: , can you help me please????

    here are some photods to help:




  2. Tough choice!!!!!!! The chocolate is absolutely scrumptious and the ivory is so perfect for summer...! But my vote goes to chocolate cuz I think it'll be a better wardrobe investment (gorgeous and versatile, less worry about getting dirty etc) ;)
  3. I like both..but the smell of the summer is in the air very strong!!! I say ivory!!!!
  4. thank you ladies.

    any other opinions????
  5. I say chocolate, it looks richer and you can wear it year round!
  6. I've seen ivory IRL, it looks really nice and it is good for summer.
    However, I like chocolate more~ is Winter here in Australia.

    I think it depends, if you want a bag for summer... get ivory! Otherwise, get chocolate!
  7. I vote for Chocolate! :smile:
  8. I like the ivory, its perfect for summer! You'll find another bag I"m sure when fall/winter comes:p .
  9. I'm sorry - it's totally chocolate for me. In fact, just looking at that bag now makes me want to go out and buy one!!!! And I just bought a black unquilted bay already!
  10. I was faced with the same decision. I bought my first Chloe quilted medium bay in moka (five days ago) and I love it. However, I think the purse itself looks nicer in the ecru (ivory) because the blue/gray-ish edging really stands out. I got the chocolate because I don't have many purses and I needed one to carry all year long. If I had many different colored purses, I would have definately chosen the ecru.
  11. ^^ I agreed~ the ivory has a blue edging which makes a beautiful contrast.
  12. I've got both the Ivory and the Moka Quilted Bays - see my avatar :heart:

    I love them both but have reluctantly decided to sell my Ivory simply because I am useless with pale bags and I know that I won't use it :push:

    IMHO the Ivory looks nicer - it is STUNNING - and with Summer coming it is the most perfect bag BUT the Moka looks beautiful too and is much more practical for me given my phobia of white bags :yes:

    Don't know if this helps but let us know what you decide ;)
  13. I like the ivory, it is close to summer and the gold hardware is way more beautiful in contrast to a light ivory rather than a dark tone like chocolate. But in any case, the bag is beautiful.

    just... more beautiful in ivory...hehehehe
  14. I bought the ivory, it's gorgeous for summer time. Even though the chocolate is nice too. But I think at winter time, I will definitely get another "IT" bag.
  15. I vote chocolate, its such a beautiful color that can be worn in any season!!!