Chloe Bay dilemma

  1. I want to get the Chloe bay in Blk non quilted. Shld I splurge for the lambskin? Or is the calfskin nice enough? Does anyone have the calfskin? How's the leather?
  2. :confused1: As far as I am aware the non-quilted Bay only comes with the one type of leather doesn't it? :shrugs:

    I have the Black non-quilted and I love it :heart: I tend to use it as a formal bag as it is very big (at least it is on lil' ol me) and it is ideal for carrying files and the like to meetings etc. Looks great with a suit!
  3. Hmm I was under the impression it was in 2 kinds of leather becauase the one was made in calfskin and there is a lambskin version on NM which is about 500 USD more.

    Oh one more question - can the non quilted be carried on the shoulder?
  4. I don't know that the bag comes in different leathers....I bought an unquilted Bay for 1125 euros and it's a gorgeous leather whatever it is. I wouldn't pay 500$ more to improve it in any way.

    The bag carries on the shoulder very easily with a light jacket on...I think whether or not it works with a winter coat would depend on how thin you are.
  5. There are two different leathers used on the unquilted Bay. I think the first colors released were in lambskin and the ones after are calf. Just a guess though. I have both the navy and the white unquiled Bays. The navy is lambskin and my later released white bay is calfskin. I cant say that I know about a price difference between the two.. I bought my Bays from Neiman Marcus and they both cost $1680, without tax.

    But both leathers are amazing. The lamb is thinner, but gorgeous all the same. The calfskin is thicker and a bit more like the paddingtons leather. Personally I think I prefer the calfskin, just a little bit, and only because I like my bags to have some structure. Not that its stiff or anything. My advice is just to go to a store and get a feel of the different leathers for yourself. :yes:
  6. Thanks Riana! My local stores are only carrying lambskin and the leather is really nice and smooshy. I haven't had the chance to find a calfskin yet so just wanted to know whether it was worth forking out the extra cash for it.