Chloe Bay Bag - s/s 2007

  1. Think this could well turn out to be the most popular Chloe bag of s/s. Available in quilted and non quilted, and many different varieties of straps. Kylie was carrying the quilted version In january.

    Please feel free to add any extra piccies that you see :yes:

    Bay Shoulder

    Bay non quilted
  2. I saw the Bay non quilted in person. Very pretty but again not something I must have. I'd buy it on sale. It is available now. has it as well at Saks in stores.
  3. I am most tempted by the quilted at the moment ;)


    Bay Bowling
  4. yes I thought that at first, that the quilted looked more substantial, but the leather looks so lovely and smoochy in the shoulder bag one ;)

    I am liking the way they have made the zip pulls the most prominant detail. They sure are growing on me :yes:
  5. Eyeing the cream Quilted bag, it is too much......... I need to stop myself before its too late.....AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thanks Jag, yep, will do, have also now got the kylie piccies of her carrying it. She is doing a great job! she looks amazing ;)


    and Li Lo, has been spotted with the non quilt version
  7. The bay is really growing on me! I hated it in pics when I first saw it, then I went and saw one in person. It is so hot. And now seeing it worn out and about makes me want the one LiLo is carrying!
  8. I prefer the quilted but still not that keen!
  9. Bay is starting to grow on me too (after seeing these pictures, thanks to chloe-babe;)), I love both quilted and non-quilted styles.
  10. Thinkthis is going to be the new paddington & we all thought Chloe was over:smile: no way this is going to be huge! Gorgeous bag!
  11. The quilted bowling version in black or white would be gorgeous
  12. I like the non quilted version as it will be lighter to carry
  13. I am so sorry in here gals but i hate this bag with avengance. Sorry Chloe Babe I know you think it will grow on me but I just dont think it will.

    Each to their own I suppose!
  14. I love it - definately going to get one - what colour tho?!