Chloe Bay bag in Royal Blue

  1. I told my friend I'll help her locate this bag, but I have zero luck so far. Can anyone tell me where online or in store that carries this bag in this exact color? I live in NY, but anywhere else would work too cause I can call them. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Thanks GyrlLayney, but it doesn't seem to be in stock. It says to please email us if you want to purchase. Is that how you're suppose to order at Aloha Rag? I've never ordered from them before. Thanks again!
  3. Yes, email them! AR is wonderful to work with - I got my choco front pocket and rouge paddies from them - perfectly authentic and fast shipping! :tup: AR may not keep this Bay in their boutique's inventory and get it from a supplier. Hope they can get it for you - keep us posted!
  4. No luck :sad:. They emailed back saying it's out of stock and that they're expecting new Chloe bags to come in, but I don't know if that means they'll be expecting a Bay bag in Royal blue?
  5. Rats! :sad: Well, I'll keep my eyes peeled for you!
  6. There was a blue bay on sale at tysons corner Nordies(VA). I don't remember if it was that shade of blue but it was definately blue. Try and see if they still have it or if they can locate one for you.
  7. Thanks Ali!! Do you remember when you saw it there?
  8. There was a post in the shopping thread, I think it was last week!
  9. There is one on bluefly this morning!
  10. There's one on styledrops's the one with the messenger strap, though, and it's 1369. I saw these IRL at my local NM (Newport Beach) a few months ago, too - not sure if it's still there. I have to go there today, so I'll let you know. :yes:
  11. Thanks so much for all your help! You guys are the greatest. I pass the info along to my friend, but she actually wants the larger size. She'll just have to be patient and wait for it to pop up somewhere.
  12. I just saw and tried on this bag (small with shoulder strap) a few days ago. The Royal Blue is beautiful. It is at the Chloe boutique at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2. I guess that would not help you ...

    Incidentally some of the Chloe bags were on 30% during this Great Singapore Sale but not this one.