Chloe Bay Bag In Mocha?

  1. Just curious.. what color is the mocha? I've heard it's a dark brown but then seen photos showing off a light brown.
  2. It is a very dark brown :yes: The light colour you have seen must be the caramel or sand colour?
  3. The Chloe tag on my bag, which is the quilted one you posted, says "cafe." On the non-quilted Bays, the dark brown color was "moka." I think they are very close if not the same. I only saw a plain Bay briefly and it may have been a little darker.
  4. the non quilted in moka certainly looks a lot darker on line. almost a black. re: but i guess that is online and my crummy monitor. i was so happy to see the PF photos for the moka in the quilted. it is a really great brown. someone around here said that the quilted medium was going to come in royal (Jag???) but Neimans is not carrying anything but the moka. when i called the chloe boutique back in feb, they had a big range of colors for the medium, including a navy and I am curious to see if a) it happens and b) if it does, what it looks like. i LOVE blue bags.