Chloe Bay and patchworks at Bluefly!

  1. They also have Paddies and Ediths and Patsys. I believe they are selling all authentic items now! There are also frequently coupon codes floating around. Happy shopping! :yahoo:

    Linkety link (hope this works):

  2. Just got the gorgeous metallic dark, dark blue (from '06) with the black hardware in the medium paddy and the roche '07, (stone color, silver hardware) in the medium as well. Also, two wallets: (both the smaller paddy style) in metallic taupe and the muscade as well. Completely perfect and authentic! :yahoo: I feel bad for those of you that have had a bad experience with Bluefly, but so far, for me they have been great...:jammin: If you see something you like on their website, you may want to give them another try! :yes:
  3. Last week I ordered a small Edith satchel ( I think it's called a 'loaf'?) in orange. I was a little leery of Bluefly after the Balenciaga fiasco from last year, but that little orange bag just called to me. I'm happy to hear that the majority of the Chloe people are feeling good about the bags up now. They really do have a LOT of Chloe.

    Is there anything I should be aware of, that would help me know right away if it is genuine? I know my Balenciaga, but don't know anything about Chloe.

  4. Well, after you check that all the stitching and hardware looks and feels right, (check the authenticity threads, I think there is specific info on this) then one thing I always do is SMELL the leather! :smile: Chloe's leathers smell delicious! There should not be any odor other than a rich "leathery" one. If there is any chemical, plasticy or strange smell to the leather, it's fake! I have many Chloes so I check "against" the ones that I have and the new one should be identical, inside and out, except of course for the serial tag on the inside pocket which gives the info for when it was manufactured. There are specific things to look for in the locks as well, and again, the authenticity threads are the place to go for this info. I have had GREAT luck with Bluefly! :supacool:
  5. Thanks beanie, that's good to know! I'll check out the Auth thread for more info.
  6. After hearing all the horror stories, even if I could order from them, I wouldn't.

    With all the superfakes about, even if a bag I bought from them looked and felt right, I would always be slightly doubtful and it's just not worth the risk for 20% off, IMO. :shrugs:
  7. Hmmm....the Bays are all gone now! Way to go, TPFers!
  8. That's how I feel too - the 20% discount isn't worth the "is it or isn't it" anxiety that would eventually drive me mad!

    And I don't know if they're selling real ones now - I bought TWo fakes from them 3 months ago.
  9. I'm sorry but once fakes always fakes in my book. When spending that amount of money there is just nop way that I would cough up my hard earned cash and "Hope for the best that it was real"
  10. Agree. And why reward the seller, whoever it is, who has interspersed fake bags with real bags, then denies they have sold fakes? I've seen the pics a pf'er posted of the hideous fake Paddy she bought there and then had to do battle about. That's more than enough to deter me, even if I might be missing a bargain.
  11. ^ Totally agree. For the amount that you are paying, saving 20% isn't really that much! Especially when you are risking buying a fake!

    Plus, why would you want to reward someone who sells or has sold fakes?
  12. I'm new to the Purse Forum. Can you tell me if Bluefly is a good place to order authentic Chloe bag?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. In my honest opinion... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They have sold fakes! So not worth the risk! You might save 20%, but not knowing if what you've bought is indeed authentic or a very good fake is not worth the trouble!
  14. Pam yip agree with above. If you read through this thread you can see a lot of people not happy to, some are but I just wouldn't take the risk considering they have sold fakes in the past and made it incredibly difficult for people to get their money back
  15. Thanks, bunches!!!!
    Are there any places in particular that you would order from?
    And what do you think about the color taupe in a Chloe Paddingon? I saw this bag on eBay I was thinking about buying. I"ll see if I can figure out how to attach a picture of it. :confused1: Hope it worked.