Chloe Bal Harbour, Florida still has 50% off Bags!

  1. Girls,
    Just called Chloe - Florida and was told they still have Capsules & Elviras at 50% off.
    Didn't get a lot of details - Capsules in Black, Tan, Army Green, Brown - Elviras in Taupe Patent and Gold?
    Call Allie at 305-861-1909 for more details!
    Post is anyone grabs one! :tup:
  2. Thanks a million...
  3. Thanks!!
  4. Thanx!
  5. Great to know and thanks for the info. Luckily I don't have to act on it - good girl that I am these days!
  6. Thanks! Hopefully some other pf-er gets these deals because I'm trying to obey my ban now!
  7. thanks!
  8. Did anyone call and find out exactly what they had?? Thanks!!