Chloe Bahrain sale items(pics and price list)

  1. Accesorries

    1. 7APC96-7E422 ($107.00)
    2. 7EPC06-7A457 ($160.00)
    3. 7EPC52-7E416 ($107.00)


    1. 7AS860-7A748 Ciel ($1520.00)
    2. 7AS861-7A748 Paille ($1294.00)
    3. 7AS863-7A748 Elephant, Noir ($1400.00)


    1. 7HS565-7H759 Epice, Noir, Tan, Taupe ($1334.00)
    2. 7HS566-7H759 Moka, Taupe ($1334.00)

    Bay Bag

    1.7ES360-7E427 Noir ($1310.00)
    2.7ES361-7E427 Epice ($1184.00)
    3.7ES361-7H769 Argent ($1547.00)
    4.7ES377-7E427 Epice, Chataigne, Noir ($1414.00)
    4.7HS380-7H436 MOka, Charbon ($1269.00)

    All pictures have the item style # as the file name so you can cross reference.
    Tel. 00973 17570580
    7APC96-7E422.JPG 7AS860-7A748 Ciel.jpg 7AS861-7A748 Paille.jpg 7EPC06-7A457.JPG 7EPC52-7E416.JPG
  2. more pics
    7AS863-7A748 Elephant.jpg 7AS863-7A748 Noir.jpg 7ES360-7E427 Noir.jpg 7ES361-7E427 Epice.jpg 7ES361-7H769 Argent.jpg
  3. and more...
    7ES377-7E427 Chataigne.jpg 7ES377-7E427 Epice.jpg 7ES377-7E427 Noir.jpg 7HP116-7E427 Chataigne.jpg 7HS380-7E436 Charbon.jpg
  4. more...
    7HS380-7E436 Moka.jpg 7HS565-7H759 Epice.jpg 7HS565-7H759 Noir.jpg 7HS565-7H759 Tan.jpg 7HS565-7H759 Taupe.jpg
  5. last ones...
    7HS566-7H759 Moka.jpg 7HS566-7H759 Taupe.jpg BEtty python Gold.jpg
  6. THank you so much, Mona!
  7. Thanks for posting mona!
  8. Whew - that was a lot of work Mona! Thanks for taking care of it. You just included the newer stuff that isn't marked down that much - right? One day they might be better deals!
  9. Yeah, I couldn't extract the pictures out of the excel file so I told Irene to send me the pics seperatley in an e-mail, and that was all she sent me....
  10. The Beatas look very interesting but too trendy for my style. Thanks for posting Mona!
  11. I just got pics from Irene for the already reduced bags:

    BAY 7AS457-7E437
    before 1,600.00
    now 960.00

    ELVIRE 7AS851-7A753
    before 1,600.00
    now 826.00

    BETTY (L) 6ES181-6E405
    now 740.00

    BETTY (M) 6ES181-6E405
    before 1,867.00
    now 830.00

    PATSY 7AS847-7E462
    before 1,120.00
    now 672.00

    MAGGIE 7ES620-7E484
    before 2,525.00
    now 1,107.00

    MAGGIE 7ES624-7E484
    before 1,555.00
    now 778.00

    BAY (L) 7ES362-7E427
    before 1,549.00
    now 776.00

    BAY (M) 7ES360-7E427
    before 1,718.00
    now 859.00

    Patsy 7ES274-7E462
    before 958.00
    now 477.00
  12. pics
    7AS457-7E437 Elephant.JPG 7AS457-7E437 Rouge.JPG 7ES274-7E462 Canelle.jpg 7ES274-7E462 Tomette.jpg 7ES620-7E484 (Antilope).jpg
  13. pics
    7ES624-7E484 Taupe.jpg Bay1.JPG Bay2.JPG Betty1 Chamois and Brun.JPG Betty Med Brun, Navy.JPG
  14. more
    Betty Med Chamois.jpg Betty Med Ecuriel.jpg Betty Med Gallet.JPG Elvire (moka and Maroon).JPG Elvire _Elephant.jpg
  15. last ones...
    Elvire Black.JPG P1030103.JPG P1030195.JPG PATSY.jpg patsy1.JPG