Chloe Bahrain-NEW!

  1. :yahoo: Hello Ladies, I just received this email alert from Sacoche Boutique! There were pictures attached but they were too big and too long to attach.

    Bags on sale after 50% discount:
    1. Betty (argent) BD275 = $734
    2. Betty (lilac) BD465 = $1,240
    3. Betty chain (bronze,ecuriel,gazelle) BD363 = $968
    4. Silverado (aubergine) BD262 = $699
    5. Silverado1 BD405 = $1,080
    6. Silverado BD377 = $1,006
    7. Tracy (2 tone) BD261 = $696
    8. Paddington (gris-vert) BD325 = $867
    9. Paddington (metallic blue) BD325 = $867

    *Please post them at the purse forum*

    Thank you very much.

    TEL # +973 17 58 78 74
    FAX # +973 17 58 05 70

  2. JNH14, I got the email too! hehehhe.. Just posted the update with pics on the Chloé Bahrain Discounts thread. :yahoo:
  3. Did you post the second message with all the ediths and the pictures!! They have amazing bags and really good sales. I think this new thread is great the other one is getting so looong!!!!
  4. Yup, posted 2 emails worth of pictures and prices! :graucho:
  5. If anyone wants me to check anything out, lemme know :p
  6. Do they open on Sunday?? Also is the paddington medium size?? Many thanks~

  7. What are the shipping fees from there-do you know? Thanks!:yes:
  8. Shipping is $43.00 I believe. Ooooh, did you find something you like? :smile:
  9. I had ordered the Kerela from NM and then they cancelled it on me-so I'm thinking about that one. Thanks for the shipping info! :yes:
  10. Check out the Kerela for me if you're there!:yes:
  11. They sent me the same email too, here are the pics they attached:
    chloe006.jpg edith(black2).jpg edith(black).jpg edith(mastic).jpg edithbowler(ivory).jpg
  12. more
    EdithBowler(muscade).jpg EdithLarge(Rouge).jpg EdithMediumGrisVert.jpg KERALA'06025.jpg kerala(ardoise).jpg
  13. ok, last post
    kerala(black).jpg keralaminibag.jpg paddington(gris-vert)1.jpg
  14. I ordered my bag tuesday night and it arrived today, they shipped super fast and no problem with customs.