chloe bags

  1. hi everyone im really interested in buying a chloe paddington bag in cream i found a website called does anyone know if they are fakes? thanks :yes:
  2. hmmmm, that website doesn't exist so i don't know how your "found" it? :shrugs:
  3. diabro is a highly recommended Japanese site selling authentic stuff. It has been mentioned on the Balenciaga board.
  4. ^^^ Thanks Roxane, i heard of that name before, but it doesn't come up on my server... so i was very confused
  5. so i wouldnt be ripped off i brought one from there?what is the balencia board? :smile:
  6. Oh my god what a selection!!!! :drool: :heart:
  7. Does anyone know how they can sell authentic bags so cheaply?

    They don't appear to mention a sale. :shrugs:
  8. Diabro is more expensive than LVR. For non-EU buyers from countries with low import duties and taxes, LVR is cheaper, even with local taxes thrown in.
  9. Haha, you and me both:confused1: :yes:

    Thanks for the link chloe-babe:flowers:
  10. The Balenciaga board - check the list of designer forums on the main page of tPF, you'll see Balenciaga listed there.:flowers:
  11. Is Diabro an authorized seller?
  12. Wow!!! Look at those prices!!
  13. That one looks like a smaller model as the length is 16 inches as opposed to 28.5 (but still insanely cheap!) CHLOE - Paddington Bag -