Chloe bags you have Loved and 'Lost'

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  1. I am selling one of my last three Chloes (they are two are forever-keepers!!) and I started thinking about all the paddys I have loved and 'lost' or passed along to other gals.

    Here is my retrospective:

    My First Chloe, a Choco FAKE from Bluefly :sick::


    I found the PF while trying to authenticate it and have been hooked ever since :heart: Bluefly refunded my money but insisted it was authentic. :Push:

    My Second Chloe, an 06 Mousse from Joan Shepp :love::


    This little mousse was such an awesome color. I miss it lots!

    My Third Chloe, an 06 Blanc from a fellow PFer :yahoo::


    This bag is a keeper. I can't imagine every giving her up.
  2. My Fourth & Fifth Chloes, an 06 Tan was instantly traded for an 06 Choco from Nordies :P:


    Looking at the pics I see what amazingly perfect leather this bag had. I miss it now too!! :crybaby:

    My Sixth Chloe, an 06 Taupe Tote from a PFer :yes::


    This bag had unbelievable leather and will probably last forEVER. But it was sooo heavy. The color was awesome!!
  3. My Seventh Chloe, an 05 Grenat Loaf from ebay :drool::


    This bag came to me filthy and stinky. I cleaned her and sold her to a wondeful PFer ;)

    My Eighth Chloe, an 05 Bleu Nuit Loaf:


    Another PFer sold this to me after a Terrible Gal sniped an ebay bag from me. :wlae:
  4. My Ninth Chloe, an 04 Python Silverado from a PFer, :tup::


    My Mom & Dad sponsered this bag for me for Christmas. I will never sell this bag, as long as I have a dime in my bank account.

    My Tenth Chloe, an 06 Rouge:


    DH gave this to me for Christmas but I could never quite pull off this color.

    My Eleventh Chloe, an 05 Craie Loaf :drool::


    I just had to have this bag. When I got her, everyone else wanted her too, so I shared the love and passed her on.

    ... here ends my stroll down memory lane!!!
  5. What bags have you loved and "lost"???
  6. OK, a little bit OT but you take the BEST pictures hmwe46!! If I saw some of these pix in a magazine ad I would be drooling my way to the shops immediately - very talented :smile: (On topic, I haven't parted with a Chloe baby yet . . . but a few are up for debate.)
  7. thank you :heart:

    I love taking pics!! I felt like I owed BN a better shot:

  8. I can't seem to do it. :Push:

    I sold one once, to miss_moneypenny14 and even though I had two of that style and colour, I still regretted it! :rolleyes: Pathetic, aren't I?!

    I think if I knew and liked the person I was selling them to, I might feel a little differently. I know, one day (probably soonish) I will have to make the effort to sell another bag, or two, to make room for some more, but I really wish I didn't have to.

    If I tended to buy bags specifically to sell, or even with the initial idea that I would use them for a while and then sell them on, I'd no doubt feel differently, but once I've 'taken ownership' I feel like a traitor! :wacko:

    If I bred animals I bet I'd be the same - the house would probably be seething with them after a year, or two, as I couldn't bear to see them go! I'd probably be one of those poor people you see on the news! :lol:

    It's funny, though, because I love buying and giving gifts to people - again, probably, because I am trying to buy for their preferences, not mine and I never take ownership of the items.

    Another factor is that I don't really enjoy listing and selling on eBay, so that's another thing that puts me off.

    I'm, therefore, full of admiration for the extremely pragmatic approach some of you take to selling your beloved bags! :biggrin:
  9. My bag turn-over rate is really high!! LOL

    I never meant it to be that way, but I kept searching for The Perfect One and never realized it was the Blanc all along. So the others had to go.

    Also, my lifestyle really changed. I now go into the office almost daily so I need a very functional bag (which is how I get into Balenciaga) that is also pretty and joyful to carry.

    Since my funds are limited I turned my early purchases into Bag Collateral :roflmfao:

    But it's been fun!!!

    Although looking back at the pics, I miss many of them...
  10. To all the bags I've loved before...:P

    I've been through a lot of Chloes in my never-ending quest for the perfect bag. My rule is, I always sell at least one bag if I buy one. That's how I keep my collection somewhat lean and mean. Otherwise I end up with too many bags to wear or enjoy. Not that there's anything wrong with that! I just don't have the room for so many bags!:nogood:

    Most recently I parted with my aubergine paddy. I loooooved that bag but had to sell it to help fund my fendi spy.The aubergine went to a lovely pf'er, so that made it easier to part with it. And I got to see it on her in person and they looked beautiful together. :heart:

    I also passed along a gold pocket paddy earlier this year. It was a beautiful bag, but I never really bonded with it, so I was OK with passing it along.

    Last year I parted with my tan loaf, and I still miss it sometimes! But for me, the loaf was just not a comfortable bag to carry; I found it to be cumbersome, so parting with it was the right call for me. That too stayed "in the family" and went to a PF'er.

    Oh, and a taupe paddy satchel! It was so pretty, but the color just wasn't "me"

    I'm parting with more bags now because I'm feeling like the fendi spy bag might be the perfect bag for me comfort, looks, and practicality wise. But maybe I will change my mind about that in a few months!
  11. For me it was the 04 Blue Nuit that I bought on ebay with a faulty padlock! I searched for so long for it and then it came and was broken. After many heated discussions later it was taken back but I still miss her!
  12. Still looking for my perfect first.
  13. I had the very first Vanilla and regret selling it on, but it was really big! much roomier than they are now, and it just swamped me and because then I wasnt used to such a heavy bag, she had to go. The tan was a disaster for me, I purchased her from ebay, and although she was authentic, the leather was just horrid, rough and nasty and I never ever fell for her. My taupe, was instant love, its still my fave ever and the only one I could not see myself selling, Rouge came next and I didnt fall for her either lol, so she was also moved along!!! :biggrin:
  14. I agree with macbagger!!!! What kind of camera do you have?????? I want to get myself one! I have to take at least 200 photos to get a good one. Its really a pain. Now that I have some gorgeous bags, I want to take some photos like you.

  15. Thanks :heart: it's a Canon EOS 20D with a zoom lense, image stabilizer, and polarizer.

    I need to read the owner's manual, LOL. I suspect I'm not doing it justice!