chloe bags on sale!

  1. I got a call from ariel at Helen Yi this morning saying that all of their their chloe bags and wallets were on sale?!:yahoo: I got there within the hour and bought the last small white tekla bag(i think they have 1 large one left) AND the black quilted bay bag. This is madness. I can't believe that even the new summer maggie bags are on sale-they're still in the ad campaigns. if you go there ask for ariel or lily. lily helped me with my tracey bag and my persephone bag.
  2. Where is this place and how much were the quilted bays? TIA...
  3. Just spoke w/Ariel (very helpful) in Chicago. It's a brick/mortar store and they have a limited selection. NO Betty's & NO Silverados. Some Ediths....don't remember the other stuff (sorry).
    Their phone number is 773-252-3838

    FYI...only price I got was for a large Edith satchel in black, was $1600, now $1100 (I think I got that right).
    Hope this helps.
  4. Helen Yi is a chicago store and it's on Damen avenue. Google them and I'm pretty sure that the website will come up. the number is 773-252-3838. My quilted bay was on sale for $1145 from $1660. I don't see why the others won't be along the same price.
  5. Thanks;)
  6. Oh no, ali_w... Fess up if you buy something !!! :yahoo:
  7. :nuts: I've given up, I just can't say no to the deals anymore I'm not strong enough:lol:. I've bought yet another long paddy wallet and am now on the hunt again for a large east/west zippy:rolleyes: since I missed out on the last one( I was so sure it was mine:crybaby:).

    How about you eucalyptic, stickin to that ban or have you bout something:sneaky:?
  8. Thanks for posting. I'm in chicago, but have never been. Dare I...

    That's an awesome price for the bay
  9. thank you SO much for posting!!!
  10. Oh my gosh I didn't realize wallets were on sale too! I'm sure they're all gone by now.

    ali_w, YES! I have proudly stuck to my ban and have not bought a bag since February. Let's see if I get through to November without any hitches. I'm going to Hong Kong in July at the peak of sale season so... :whistle:

  11. You have been an inspiration to me for a Purse Ban! I think to myself if euc can do it so can I!! Three months into it and counting....Once my zero percent CC is paid off, I'm goin huntin.:roflmfao: