Chloe Bags on Sale @ Nordstrom!!

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  1. Hi all!! Not sure if all Nordstrom carry Chloe bags but if they do, they are on sale now! I saw a few at the Nordstrom in Tysons Corner, VA and they are 40% off!!! Some of the models I saw: Edith, Paddington Shopper, Silverado etc..Enjoy!
  2. Thanks! I'm thinking of heading to Nordstrom today, anyway :graucho: By any chance did you notice a paddy hobo?
  3. I actually didn't but hopefully the one you are going to will have it!! Crossing fingers for you! I was pretty impressed though w/ the variety and colors available because w/ such big discounts, you do not get to be too picky abput that. I did end up w/ a silverado hobo : )
  4. Christina what kind of hobo are you looking for? I can tell you the shoulder paddy isn't there.
  5. I saw Chloe 30% off at Bloomingdales when I was there over the weekend, as well. Not sure if the sale is still going on.
  6. In July I bought a Gladys tote from Nordstrom for 60% off. I guess everyone else thought it was ugly, lol.
  7. Did anybody see an Edith Shopper at Nordies? I want the black one and the Nordie's close to me are out. I just saw one last Saturday! :crybaby:
  8. I did,too! It's not ugly at all and a very useful tote.;)
  9. For the hobos, I like the original hobo style and the newer style. If any regular satchels were/are on sale, it might be worth a call. I'm planning on checking out the Nordstrom in Boca Raton sometime soon. The newer paddy hobo was on sale at Saks in Palm Beach, 40% off. It was a gorgeous deep red color (I think). Should've bought it!
  10. :drool: :drool: :drool: Really??? I need to call them before getting in the car... Why oh why did I not check the fourm earlier :smash: Hope they are not sold out.
  11. I'm pretty sure I saw the Edith black shopper at Nordies King of Prussia last night! but it wasn't on the sale table w/ the sale stuff...but I'd give them a call anyway! :yes: good luck!
  12. Grettalux in the Boston Copley mall has a Chloe clearance too
  13. My Nordies sold out of all their Chloe in the matter of 2 days a few weeks ago. When I was at Nordies Tysons Corner, I didn't really see that much of a Chloe selection there. But definitely no hobos.
  14. Grrr, called them and the SA didn't know the names of the Chloes on sale... she can only describe them badly :rolleyes: They close at 11 tonight so I'm going and will report back later.
  15. Is this the same kind of sale that they have at the end of Nov? or did they add new bags to the clearance table?