Chloe Bags - New York arrival date?

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  1. I am on the list for the Spring season cream paddington (which they told me I would get because the list for that color is short) and when I put my name on the list about a week ago they said it would be a few weeks- but no exact date, does anyone have a more detailed date, and i sawin a post that another Chloe store, the Bahrain store, got their shipment so shouldnt the NY store have theirs soon(or maybe customs takes longer here). can anyone tell me when exactlly NY will get them? Thanks!
  2. I have a random question of my own!

    I've been on a waitlist at NM for the paddington for about two months. Since this is the first time I've ever been on a waitlist for a bag, I was wondering ... is this a normal span of time to be in line for a paddy? Ugh, worse yet, the SA told me I might have to wait until January for my # to come up! Think I should just give up and look elsewhere? It seems like -everyone- already has the bag by now.
  3. January is not that far, but I know it is no fun to wait. What color did you want? Keep checking Net-a-porter for their arrivals this month. Also has had paddys on their site, the cream and metallic are still on as of now to buy, the cream you have to wait til Feb to get bc it is pre order. I would keep looking, even call the Chloe stores, you may get lucky! Good Luck.
  4. I am buying mine from sophisticated spirit - I have 100% confidence in Lynda and I'm thinking about the larger paddy in juane - a new color that is absolutely beautiful sort of camel colored, not tan not wisky. I do have to wait until late february. Just in case, I put myself on several waiting lists too at NM and nordstrom for the wisky.
  5. You probably just missed the first shipment of paddingtons. I was on the waitlist for around a month and got mine a couple weeks ago. It had some flaws though so it needed to go back. I was informed that the new shipment would be coming late december early jan, so I have to wait until then. Can't say I really want it anymore though, and if I did there are a ton I could order from :lol:
  6. Excluding the flaws, did you find anything in the size/weight/feel, etc that you didn't like?
  7. My husband put one on reserve for me at, the ivory one, and it says that those are expected to ship by February 22nd. I am so impatient though so when they called him to confirm he wanted to get it, he cancelled it, figuring I could maybe get one somewhere else and not wait as long. I know I probably won't be able to get one "somewhere else" though so I should just get back on their online list and be patient! Oh well.

  8. It is not really a "list" online, it is an order for it, just to clarify so there was no confusion.They still are available online now so I would hurry and get it before it disappears.
  9. Everything else was great:biggrin: I just didn't like spending money for something that has soooo many imperfections. The SA was trying to tell me that they are all made that way, but I highly doubt they all have oil spots:sick: :amazed: :worried:
  10. I was on Nordstrom's wait list for a blue paddy last month and they called me that same wk. I guess I was lucky but I did notice there was a small oily scratch in front of the bag, right underneath the padlock. I mentioned it to the SA and she immediately took out some cloth and attempted to rub it off while explaining to me that most of the leather on the paddys are like that. I ended up not getting the bag because of that imperfection and also I just didn't like the blue color neither. So maybe there are paddys out there with oily imperfections too?
  11. Yes, be patient! :P